Diane McLaren
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
(905) 828 5000
email:  dianemclaren@reflexology-usa.net
Diane McLaren took her first workshop in 1994. Reflexology played an important role in healing her back in the early 90ís because it is so amazing. She was so impressed by its power, that she really felt and still feels today that "Reflexology" is a gift, a real gift, and that anybody interested in re-gaining health, maintaining health and prevention should know about it, being for their own use, help family members or as a Reflexologist. Diane joined it IIR Team of Instructors in 2009 teaching workshops in Ontario. Diane lives in Mississauga, Ontario with her family and is a Holistic Health Practitioner, wellness coach and gifted trainer who advocates the benefits of a holistic approach to health and long-term wellness.