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Plantar Fasciitis Workshop:
Presented by Bobbi Warren:
One of our longest in-the-field instructors with the IIR, Bobbi Warren (35+ years with us!) want to share this NEW 1-day Plantar Fasciitis system with you as a Phase V Workshop.
As a Reflexology therapist, the more you know about your body and why things happen and how it can be helped naturally the better off you and your clients are...

Have you or your clients ever experienced what would be described as a burning, stabbing, or aching pain on the sole or heel of the foot? Does it hurt especially when first getting up in the morning or after sitting for a long period of time? Does it seem like everything has been tried and it just doesn’t seem to get better?

Have you done Reflexology on the feet and found that while some get better quickly others don’t?

Some will have been told by their doctor that they have Plantar Fasciitis or some kind of tendonitis (many patients don't have a clue what is wrong). That is just the start of the story…

Some form of Plantar Fasciitis (PF) and Heel Pain affects nearly 2 million Americans each year and can be responsible for mild discomfort or even debilitating pain. Some have suffered from this for years!

In most cases, Plantar Fasciitis (PF) does not require surgery or invasive procedures to stop pain and reverse damage. Conservative treatments are usually all that is required. However, every person's body responds to PF treatment differently and recovery times may vary, sometimes as short as 2 weeks up to 5 months-in some cases they are still suffering!

Now, why are we telling you all this? Because one of our instructors, Bobbi Warren from San Diego, CA, developed the worst Plantar Fasciitis you could possibly imagine. In the beginning she followed the simple process we have taught our advanced level Reflexology students over the years and while it helped relieve a couple of areas of pain on the sole of her foot, it didn't 'fix' all of it. But with research and working with her doctor and a podiatrist, she figured out that it would take a multi pronged approach (which did include Reflexology) and 'heeled' herself as well as many of her clients that had been stubborn cases.
In this 1-day workshop, you will learn:
   ~  How to determine what 'type' of Plantar Fasciitis they have by where the pain is located.
   ~  Set up a plan for working with this in office and at home.
   ~  What muscles in the foot and legs may be the root of the problem and what to do for them.
   ~  The latest in foot taping
   ~  To use Reflexology in specific areas on the feet to assist in the healing of PF
   ~  How to give homework using something other than their thumbs.
   ~  Exercises one can do at home to help one of the major, underlying 'causes' of PF.
Plantar Fasciitis Workshop Dates & Locations:
May 26, 2024 Sunday
Location given at registration

Workshop Hours:  8 am - 5 pm
~  Cost $250 for 1-day Plantar Fasciitis Workshop - Must pre-register 30 days in advanced.
Please Note: I.I.R. and/or Bobbi Warren reserves the right to cancel any pre-registered workshop that does not meet the minimum pre-registrations 30 days prior to Workshop. Registration is still available after the 30 days if registration has been met.
To Register contact:
Bobbi Warren
5700-34 Baltimore Drive
La Mesa, CA 91942
(619) 723 5276

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