(Release Emotional Stress and Tension) Workshop
A Two-Day Pre-registered Program



     Presented by Pat Lawson, ND, CRR

As a strong advocate of Natural Healing, Dr. Pat Lawson has been on a life long mission of research and study in the areas of alternative methods for the maintenance of optimal health. She is a clinical practitioner and educator of Integrative Medicine using reflexology, nutrition, and natural healing for over 35 years.
Pat holds a Doctor of Naturopathy degree from Trinity College of Natural Health, is a Certified Registered Reflexologist, and has Certifications in Clinical Nutrition, Herbology, Homeopathy, and a Holistic Practitioner and Medicinal Herbalist, to name a few.
She developed the curriculum for Integrative Reflexology in Washington D.C., providing training to other health care practitioners, introducing the concept of releasing emotional stress and tension through Reflexology. This R.E.S.T. workshop is the result of intense research and personal experience using these techniques. 
Are you aware that there is a link between your emotional health and your physical health? Stress undermines both your physical and emotional health. Emotional imbalance affects the body by causing hormonal and other neurotransmitter imbalances, which affect the body's immune system, along with other organs and systems in the body having an impact on the body's health and ability to resist dis-ease.
This class offers a new way to learn about our innate healing potential.
Course Content:
Discuss the link between emotional health and physical health (mind-body connection)
Explore how the body responds to emotional stress and tension
Learn the physiology of stress and emotions.
Discover the relationship to body organs with certain emotions
Practical application of reflexology techniques to ‘release’ energy blocking emotions
Techniques to maintain high energy for the practitioner
Demonstrations of practical application.
This instructive and hands-on course will empower the student to use Reflexology techniques to expand the scope of their practice and open new possibilities.
Workshop Registration Information:
To pre register with $100.00 non refundable administrative fee due 30 days before workshop. Balance of $275.00 due at workshop registration.
Mail, Phone or email to:
Pat Lawson
PO Box 250
Monrovia, MD 21770-0250
(301) 788 6005 or patlawson@reflexology-usa.net
Please Note: The International Institute of Reflexology and/or Pat Lawson reserves the right to cancel or reschedule with full refund if minimum pre-registration is not met 30 days prior to the workshop.

June 27 & 28, 2020  Saturday & Sunday
Private Residence - address provided with registration

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