Let Us Introduce Ourselves: The International Institute of Reflexology USA
Each year thousands of people discover the secrets to better health with Reflexology.

Join the "healthier, happier" people and improve the way you feel today!

The Nation's Leading Authority:
The late Eunice Ingham originated, researched and developed Foot Reflexology as it is known today. Reflexology has grown to international proportions under the able direction of her nephew Dwight Byers, today's leading authority. Although originally taught only to professions, now lay people around the world are using and benefiting from the Ingham Method® of Foot Reflexology.

Professional Staff:
Quite often it is said, "Those who can't DO will teach." Such is not the case at the International Institute of Reflexology®. All of our instructors are long term professional Certified Reflexologist who have proven themselves over the years to be proficient practitioners. Each has been specially trained by Mr. Byers to represent the Institute in this teaching/training program.

Like any organization, we can only be as strong as our members. The Institute has over 25,000 active members
found in all parts of the globe. Our members enjoy such benefits as:

-- World-wide referral service
-- Unlimited Workshop attendance (for a nominal registration fee) with updated training methods for technique proficiency
-- Certification Program available after required training
-- Questions answered directly by our teaching staff
-- Advanced Training

Our Age:
With age comes wisdom and knowledge...and in our case, experience. For over 85 years we have been presenting workshops on the Ingham Method™. That's 85 years of experience, growth, and change most importantly 85 years of successful results.

Learning Aids:
We have developed the finest learning aids available. Our full color Foot and Hand wall charts, notebook charts, wallet charts, study guide, videos and books are all available through our offices. Many of the aids are in foreign language; books in seven languages, charts available in French, German and Spanish. Here at the International Institute of Reflexology® we are dedicated to upholding, presenting and practicing Reflexology in a professional manner.
et Us Introduce Ourselves: The International Institute of Reflexology USA