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Workshop Information:
Become a Member of The International Institute of Reflexology!
We extend to you this invitation for a better understanding of the Ingham / Byers series of reference books on the INGHAM METHOD® of REFLEXOLOGY.
THEORY, DEMONSTRATION and INSTRUCTION based on our 85 years of research and teaching are combined in a complete Workshop to give you the best possible instruction in the art of Foot and Hand Reflexology.
We will demonstrate just how, where and how long to apply this scientific method of Reflexology which cannot be obtained from the books alone. These special techniques, when applied to the feet and hands, have a natural way of relaxing nerve tension and improving nerve and blood supply.
These workshops are taught with a combination of multi-media training aids ranging from film graphics to individualized physical application which enables us to give you a firm preliminary foundation in Reflexology techniques.
You will discover what others are doing who have met with us from year to year, many traveling hundreds of miles to hear of new developments. We will share with you the startling facts that have been experienced by those who have met with us internationally.
Once you have taken our workshop, you will have lifetime return privileges at a nominal fee.
A Proven Program:
No one can top our research, our knowledge and our experience. These Workshops review the Original works of Eunice Ingham, Stories the Feet Can Tell Thru Reflexology and Stories the Feet Have Told Thru Reflexology and the works of Dwight Byers, Better Health with Foot Reflexology, Reflexology Videos I & II and Anatomy & Reflexology Helper Areas Study Guide.

Pre-Registration & Cancellation Policy:
Pre-Registration is Required for ALL Workshops. To qualify for "Early Bird Tuition" you MUST register at least 30 days PRIOR to workshop with your full tuition payment to the appropriate Instructor: Please register EARLY !

Pre-registration checks or credit cards will not be deposited until 30 days prior to workshop and workshop is confirmed. No penalty for canceling up to 30 days prior to workshop. After 30 days a $100 administrative fee is non refundable.  No show results in no refund or transfer to another workshop.  All registration is in US FUNDS.

PLEASE NOTE: The International Institute of Reflexology reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any workshop with a full refund if minimum pre-registrations is not met 30 days prior to the workshop. Please do not make your travel reservations until you have received confirmation by mail or email that the workshop is confirmed.
PHASE l WORKSHOP - 2 day workshop
Learn the Ingham Method® of Reflexology techniques to help yourself, your family and friends. The Ingham Method® is a simple, effective method of helping the whole body in a natural way. These Workshops consist of theory and practical application where you will learn how to properly apply Ingham Method® of Reflexology. We welcome professionals and laymen alike.
The two-day Phase l training workshop, Includes the book "Anatomy & Reflexology Helper Areas Study Guide"
Early Bird Tuition:   $400.00
               Tuition:   $450.00
PHASE ll WORKSHOP - 2 day workshop
Refresher of Phase 1. Before moving on to Phase lll (advanced techniques) you will refresh theory and basic techniques making sure that you are doing them properly before moving on to advanced techniques. This workshop may be repeated as often as you wish.
The two-day Phase ll training workshop
Early Bird Tuition:   $275.00
               Tuition:   $325.00
I.D. membership card must be presented at time of registration for identification. If yours is lost, send $2.00 immediately to the International Institute of Reflexology for replacement. This workshop may be repeated as many times as Member wishes.
NOTE: Return Members will receive a $30.00 discount toward their registration when accompanied by a New Member they have personally introduced to Reflexology and I.I.R. Workshops [$30.00 maximum discount].
PHASE lll WORKSHOP - 2 day workshop
~ How to assess the feet and hands including anatomy, conditions and functions.
~ Advanced techniques and perfecting the basic and relaxing techniques.
~ Techniques for working the hands
~ How to give an Ingham Method® of Reflexology Session
~ Preparation for Certification exam / review for Certified members . . . and much more
The two-day Phase lll training workshop
Early Bird Tuition:   $375.00
               Tuition:   $425.00

Refresher Phase III Workshop: This workshop may be repeated as many times as Member wishes
Early Bird Tuition:   $275.00
               Tuition:   $325.00
PHASE IV (Certification Exam)
Must complete the following 200 hour program in order to take the IIR Exam (Minimum requirements):
-- 16 hours - Phase l Workshop
-- 16 hours - Phase ll Workshop
-- 16 hours - Phase lll Workshop
-- 52 hours - Home study of books, study guide and videos
-- 100 hours documented Reflexology sessions on at least 15 people
The certification exam on the Ingham Method® of Reflexology consists of both a written test on the theory and a practical application on an instructor. This exam can be taken at any Phase l & ll Workshop after the completion of all of the above requirements.

Please Note:  Must have attended a workshop within the last 2 years. Contents: WRITTEN: From the Workshops and Textbooks on the Ingham Method® of Reflexology. PRACTICAL: Working on Instructor's feet. Both portions will be corrected, graded and reviewed with student.

Early Bird Tuition:   $ 300.00
               Tuition:   $ 350.00

Please note:
In order to keep your Certification you must take a CE Workshop for an up-date at least every two (2) years or your Certification becomes null and void. If you choose a Phase V for your workshop, the following workshop should be an IIR Phase 2 or 3 so you keep up-to-date with Ingham Reflexology.
The International Institute of Reflexology continues to sponsor a variety of continuing educational workshops to enhance your knowledge and expertise in achieving maximum benefits with longer lasting results. These special workshops will help to teach you how to incorporate these unique practices into your Reflexology business.
Registration requirements varies: Must have a IIR Phase ll or Phase lll Workshop within the last 2 year.
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